Cleveland, Ohio – Euclid Corridor Transportation Project/Health Line
On line in 2008

  • Off-board fare collection
  • Median-aligned dedicated bus-only lanes
  • At-level boarding

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Ridership increase: 60%
Speed Increase: 34%
$4.3 Billion in real estate investment along Euclid

Eugene, Ore. – Emerald Express (EmX)
On line in 2007

  • Off-board fare collection
  • Near-level boarding
  • Dedicated bus only lanes along about half of system

Ridership increase: 74%
Speed Increase: 30.4%

Los Angeles, Cali. – Metra Orange Line
On line in 2005

  • Dedicated right-of-way
  • Three-door buses
  • Off-board fare collection
  • Passenger information displays
  • Unique boarding (but no at-level boarding)

Average Bus Speed: 18 mph (peak)
Speed Increase: N/A (no prior service)

New York Instituted some elements of Bus Rapid Transit implemented on two corridors (Fordham Rd. in the Bronx and 1st and 2nd Ave in Manhattan) in 2009

  • Off-board proof of payment fare collection and red-painted curb-aligned bus lanes
  • Signal priority at a few intersections
  • New articulated low floor busses on 1st and 2nd Ave. route only

Even without a full build out of BRT, riders were happy and benefits were proven out:

  • 89% say the BRT service is better than previous limited service
  • 84% say BRT service is faster than limited service
  • 20% reduction in travel time (average by time of day)
  • 10% increase in ridership in first year